With so many mitre saws on the market it can be really hard to find the best mitre saw for the job! Here at best mitre saw we have put together an in depth review blog so you can make an educated decision on the right mitre saw for you!

Our TOP 3 Best Mitre Saw Picks!

Model (click model name below for more product information)0-45 Degree BevelIntegrated
Work Light
LaserMultipurposeUser Rating /5Price
Evolution RAGE3YesNoYesNoYes4.5$
Metabo KGS 216YesYesYesYesYes5$$
Bosch PCM 8 SYesNoYesYesYes4.5$$$


A mitre saw is one of the most functional tools that the professional can enjoy. Designed to allow for cuts of numerous angles, it is considered to be a must-have item for carpenters, woodworkers and indeed anyone in the renovation or construction industry. Due to the simple fact that there are so many models currently available on the market, choosing the best mitre saw can be a difficult and confusing task. Which brands represent the best value for your money? Are there certain saws that perform better than others? Do first impressions equate to long-term results? These are only a few of the most basic questions that I will address in my subsequent articles.

If you are like most professionals, time equals money. You could very well spend hours scouring the Internet for the best deals possible. What is even more concerning is the fact that any good marketing department will naturally claim that their saws are superior to those offered by their competitors.

How are you know who to believe? I will take the proverbial legwork out of this task. I have spent a great deal of time perusing the online community; comparing and contrasting the different brands and what each brings to the table (no pun intended).

From the best chop saw to what some would consider to be the best mitre saw in the UK, my centralised platform will make it easy for you to choose the most appropriate model for your intended job.

What to look for In a Mitre Saw!

Any craftsman (or craftswoman) will attest to the fact that in terms of the best mitre saw, there is no such concept as one size fits all. Some will offer an ability to perform better crosscuts. Others are more stable. Still others can provide built-in clamps and tools which are more suited for framing and moulding.  We decided to take a top-down approach to help you find a saw that is right for you. We will begin by examining the first impressions of the saw itself. These will include (but are not limited to) features such as:


The blade is important because it determines the depth and height of the cut. In terms of size, blades come in 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes.

When selecting a mitre saw for home use, before making a purchase have a think about the type of products that you will be cutting. Blades are typically designed to either cut wood, aluminium or mild steel and there are variances in the type of waves depending on the material that is to be cut


As the name would suggest, a mitre saw is a saw that can cut in miters or another words, angled. Most miter saws will come with varying degrees angle to allow you to cut different type of angled joints. Be careful with your selection some models will only swing one way allowing you to only mitre to one side, Obviously mitre saws that allow cutting on 2 sides are the preferred options.


Many of the newer and better quality models allow you to perform a sliding action while cutting. The sliding action allows you to move the saw out so that a greater width of cut can be performed, which this is a handy feature to have

Bevel / compound

Bevel saws can allow you to cut two angles at once. Bevel saws can allow for either a single bevel or some are a double bevel and allows for complex angle and performing tasks such as furniture making.


Some models come with lights which are handy for working in poor light or nighttime.

Laser line

These are handy additions and allow you to see the line of cut and where the blade will be making contact with a product that is to be cut.


Mitre saw stands are popular, but some home handyman have their own stand, table or benches. You may consider getting a stand along with clamp, roller carriers and supports.

Dust extraction

Using a mitre saw can actually create quite a bit of dust and for this reason, many models come with a dust extractor or vacuum that attaches to the product and helps to eradicate much of the airborne particles created. Dust extraction helps to maintain a clean job site and also helps to keep your lungs clear of dust particles.

Other features

Other features include extension arms or clamps for greater balance. Many models will have various speeds available without you greater control over your saw.

Should you go cordless?

Some newer models nowadays are coming in cordless design and this is a great safety benefit to avoid the risk of inadvertently cutting the power cord. Although this is a low probability, and of course it always pays to maintain vigilance and safety at all times, cordless options maybe something that you can consider.

What are Chop Saws? Do you offer chop saw reviews?

The main difference between a traditional mitre saw and a chop saw (sometimes called a drop saw) is that chop saws do not have a sliding blade feature. Rather, the blade is brought down directly over the top of the object being cut. Mitre saws however have a sliding functionality, meaning that it can be pushed toward the object being cut or dropped down from the top. We do cover some of the best chop saws as part of our reviews.

Mitre Saw Reviews

After we have examined each saw in detail we will likewise take a look at the advantages and disadvantages before drawing a short conclusion based upon the information we have seen. We will perform this task for each of what are considered to be the best models currently in production.


Final Verdict?

Unless you are a professional with years of experience in the industry, what may appear to be the best mitre saw in the UK may actually not suit your purposes. For example, a standard saw is able to make cuts at numerous angles, but the blade must remain vertical. Compound mitres enable a blade to be angled and therefore, beveled cuts are an additional possibility. Sliding compound mitres are ideal for larger pieces of wood which require a greater degree of control and mobility while not sacrificing the cutting action of the blade.

It is obvious that each unit will serve an entirely different purpose. So, “the best chop saw” will depend upon your needs. It is the intention of this piece to provide you with the insight and the clarity needed to make educated choices.

Above all, I aim to give you an objective opinion in regards to what may (or may not) be the best mitre saw in the UK markets today. If you are searching for the best chop saw and do not have the time to browse through hundreds of pages, you have come to the right place!


Model (click model name below for more product information)0-45 Degree BevelIntegrated
Work Light
LaserMultipurposeUser Rating /5Price
Evolution RAGE3YesNoYesNoYes4.5$
Metabo KGS 216YesYesYesYesYes5$$
Bosch PCM 8 SYesNoYesYesYes4.5$$$

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